Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monthly News- November 2012

Well, it's been a while since CTD has put out a monthly 'news letter' or anything of the kind. And we thought we would just like to update you all a little bit on what has been happening behind the scenes of CTD along with maybe some future plans.

The last update to the news was in October, 2011. Since then, CTD has release three new dramas, not including bloopers. 

First, there was the Christmas special 2011, Christmas Out Of Focus. This story was actually completely written by CTD's director, Caleb Thiessen (Or Jacob, for all you old fans.), and while we don't feel it was our best production ever, we definitely did some experimenting with new background sounds and such in this one. And of course,  it was just lots of fun to put it together as is the case with all our productions.

Then, we had a little break in which months passed by without any productions or updates. During this time the folks behind the scenes of CTD were a little busy with things, and it takes a lot of intentional effort to put together a drama, in case you didn't know that.

Finally, in August, over a whirl-wind of a weekend, Caleb wrote, recorded, edited, and produced "What Is A Princox?". Which, for a little background info, was sort of a little farewell production for him before he headed off to college this Fall. 

Meanwhile, as all this was going on, a certain other production was in the works by a certain sister of this certain head director of CTD Productions. And after a lot of hard work (and a little procrastination) she put out her debut production in October. 

As you may see in the side-bar under 'Contributers', it does happen to list second author on this blog now- Renae. She is the aforementioned sister, and now the able assistant with productions. Helping out editing, directing, site-maintenance, and hopefully releasing her own little productions now and then. All this really, is simply because of the fact that with Caleb in college, he just can't devote much time to productions anymore. 

As far as CTD's future plans? Well, you should be able to expect a Christmas special coming out this December, as always. This one is pretty hush-hush though. But we think you'll like it... ;)

After that, honestly, we have nothing definite. There's ideas sprouting and thoughts being tossed about. You will be hearing some new actors in the future, I can tell you that. And perhaps a couple original dramas coming out eventually. We are always plotting new ideas, so really, who knows? 

Basically-we are very much alive and very much interested in putting out new stuff. 

Thank you for reading, and thank you for listening also! It's awesome to know people come to the site, and download our stuff. Of course, we wouldn't mind a few comments either! *hint hint*

Till next time- Au revoir, good bye!

Renae ThiessenAssistant-Producer of CTD Productions

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