Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Birds' Christmas Carol

For those of you who don’t know, The Birds’ Christmas Carol is actually not a new production; it was made last Christmas. However, due to some factors, it was not made exactly the way I would have liked. So over the past year I have made several changes to it and rerecorded some sections. And now it’s done! Yay!! So I hope those of you who heard the original version will enjoy this new edition even better! Oh, and also the file was rather large, so I had to reduce the quality for the player below. So if you really want to hear it in the best quality I would suggest you download the mp3 file by clicking on the post title.

A few of you looking at the title are probably thinking, “What on earth is this story about? Are they doing a rehashing of “A Christmas Carol” using birds?!” No, no, folks! It has nothing to do with that! The last name of the main family in the story is Bird. And on Christmas Day Mrs. Bird gives birth to their fourth child, who they call Carol. So she is their ‘Christmas Carol’. Understand now? I hope so. And I hope you enjoy it!

Just one extra note: for the scene immediately following the opening announcing there is some singing in the background. Quite awful singing, actually. I always cringe when I listen to that part. This scene is one of the reasons why we try to stay away from singing songs for our productions. So, now you have been formally warned in advance.

Due to some unfortunate errors not all of the cast are mentioned in the credits. So just so no one feels like they were forgotten, below we have a complete list of all those who took part in the production. The cast is in order of appearance.

Ried Thiessen as Mr. Bird
Renae Thiessen as Mrs. Bird
Daniel Goodman as Young Donald Bird
Levi Coates as Paul Bird
Caleb Thiessen as Uncle Jack
Jan Nelson as Grandma Bird
Brent Karding as the Announcer
Chad Karding as the Host
Hannah Thiessen as Carol Bird
Jordon Longley as Hugh Bird
Josiah Coates as Donald Bird
Jerusha Coates as Mrs. Ruggles
Bethany Coates as Sarah Maud Ruggles
Aaron Thiessen as Peter Ruggles
Francis Aspiras as Peoria Ruggles
Natalie Karding as Kitty Ruggles
Lolitta Lake as Susan Ruggles
Jordan Shaw as Clement Ruggles
Nathan Karding as Cornelius Ruggles
Maresha Coates as Eily Ruggles
Joel Thiessen as Baby Larry
Lucas Karding as the Servant
Jenna Karding as Elfrida
Ray Thiessen as the Narrator
Philip Thiessen as Dr. Bartol

Starring Hannah Thiessen