Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Mystery Solvers #1

Well, sorry, guys, that this is soooo late! But anyway, late or not, here it is. This is the first episode of The Mystery Solvers (or The Adventures of Mandy & Amy). This story ("Mkana Island") we have done before, but it was such a long time ago, and the quality was really bad, so we have now completely remade the entire thing from scratch. It was definitely worth it! Oh, and also the last few minutes are completely different than the original, so definitely listen to those parts.

Starring Jerusha Coates & Renae Thiessen


Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Christmas Angel

Well, today we have a very special production for you. It’s entitled The Christmas Angel and was written by authoress Abbie Farwell Brown in 1910, almost a hundred years ago.


The Christmas Angel is the longest production we’ve ever made 
(approximately one hour long), and it includes almost thirty actors. And all the actors did a fantastic job with their lines!

So without further ado, CTD Productions is proud to present to you The Christmas Angel

Starring Margaret Thiessen


Friday, October 10, 2008

Quick & Flupke #1: Two of a Kind

Well, here it is! The first complete half-hour episode I've put together since last Christmas!  This particular episode is an adaptation of a comic series called Quick & Flupke by the late Belgian artist Hergé (most famous as being the creator of Tintin). The books follow the many misadventures of two boys (Quick, to the left wearing red, and Flupke, wearing green) in a collection of two-page stories. They are, for the most part, unavailable to purchase in the English language; so, for most of the stories we are using, I had to translate them from French myself, so if the dialogue ever seems a bit shoddy (and I hope it doesn't) you know why!

Unlike you'd expect, this week's audio drama is not one continuous story. Like I said above, the books are made up of short two-page adventures. So this episode is composed of nine stories in all, each approximately three minutes in duration. But I hope that doesn't deter from their enjoyment!

One last thing I wanted to say; in one of the stories in this episode, called "Lucky Strike", Quick finds a horseshoe and thinks it will bring him "good luck". Now, I just wanted to say that we are not at all trying to promote the idea of "lucky horseshoes" or "good luck" at all with this story. In fact, the horseshoe brings anything but "good luck" to the little boy, and he says at the end that "lucky horseshoes" are nothing but superstition. So I just wanted it to be made clear that we do not believe in "good luck" or "lucky horseshoes" or what not.

Starring Aaron Thiessen and Levi Coates


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trailer for Quick & Flupke #1: Two of a Kind

Sorry about there being no episode today like I promised last week, people. But not everyone has sent in their recordings yet, so it's uncertain at this time when the episode will actually be posted. So I'm extremely sorry, especially to those people who sent in their recordings on time. Thanks, guys.

Anyway, to try and make up for there being no episode this week, I thought I'd make a trailer for the episode to kind of wet your appetite for the whole thing (which will be the longest production we've put together since last Christmas). So take a listen below!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fishing for Men

This Saturday's drama is rather short, like the majority of new productions we've been doing lately, but I think you'll enjoy it. It's based on a skit we did at our church recently to promote our new soul-winning program. Oh, and incidentally, this is the first program in which we've used the new microphone (see below) to record with.

Featuring Josiah Coates, Renae Thiessen, Ried Thiessen, Caleb Thiessen, & Aaron Thiessen


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Encyclopedia Brown: The Case of Natty Nat

Well, here's a surprise! Most of the productions we've been uploading on this blog thus far have been old productions, one's we made a few years ago. But today we have a completely new audio drama!

Ever heard of Encyclopedia Brown? It's a series of books written for children by Donald J. Sobol. It features a ten-year-old Sherlock Holmes type of boy who solves many baffling mysteries. To quote from the book: "Meet the world's greatest boy sleuth. Match wits with the #1 Sherlock Holmes in sneakers and find out if you're a super sleuth too!"

We have adapted the very first story from the first book ("Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective"). It's called "The Case of Natty Nat". And are we going to adapt more of the Encyclopedia Brown stories? Well, that depends on what you listeners want. If you enjoy this first story, we'll probably do some more. Anyway, stop reading this and listen to the program!

Starring Aaron Thiessen


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CTD Productions Website!

Well, this blog will be for uploading CTD Productions' latest audio productions, news and other stuff. Its main purpose is to provide an easier means for the actors to listen to the stories without having to send them by email.

Updates to follow.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Encounter at Sea

This is a fairly short production entitled "Encounter at Sea". For those of you who have heard it previously, this edition is slightly different.

A captain and his ship are sailing at sea. Night has fallen, and the wind is getting rough when - all of a sudden - a seaman spies a light bearing on the starboard bow. And it's heading straight for them!

Starring Caleb Thiessen & Ried Thiessen