Crazy Actors

Well, here's just a short glimpse at how crazy some of the actors for


Crazy Actors 2

All right, here it is! The "sequel" to Crazy Actors. Oh, yes, and everybody's goofier than ever! (can't I ever get any serious actors???) It's slightly shorter then the other one, but hopefully just as hilarious!


Some behind the scenes bloopers (i.e., mistakes, silly stuff) from a couple years ago. The person making the bloopers is none other than Joshua Kamps.

Recording is in Session

I've decided to let you hear a few minutes from the recording session of our completely rerecorded version of Mkana Island. The actors in the studio when this was recorded were Jerusha Coates (who plays Mandy), Renae Thiessen (the author, and actor for Amy), Bethany Coates (who plays Swimming Flower), and myself (the director... who makes sure nothing goes wrong. Yeah right! lol).

Bloopers from "The Mystery of Mkana Island"

Bloopers from "Winnie-the-Pooh"

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