Saturday, October 20, 2012

Episode #48: An Unconventional Confidence

The 'girl in black and yellow' took shelter from the rain in an old pavilion at the end of the shore road, her busy tongue and candid personality soon had her making a very 'unconventional' confidence with an unknown stranger- ending in very surprising results.
A short story written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and adapted for audio by Renae Thiessen. CTD Productions is thrilled and ecstatic to present to you...

Starring Renae Thiessen & Caleb Thiessen.



Alisah said...

Can I tell you how much I love this? Because my goodness, I seriously LOVE this.
It's just perfect, really. All of it. All the little tiny bits and all of them all together.
Beautifully spun, wonderful voice acting! Everybody did a fantastic job -- Caleb sounded great, I especially liked all the little touches: like when he hushed to a whisper, coughed abruptly, or how at the "-ahem-betrothed to far off Canadian girl/how he would feel were he in such a situation-ahem-" part, his voice changed, and you instantly knew he was the "the creature". It was all so natural and flowing. Renae sounded grand, as always -- haughty and imploring, and so terribly terribly adaptive to the riddle like tone of hilarious matter-of-factness L.M.M's writing has. You added all the right touches dearest! Sharon's voice is SO, so pretty -- and oh my goodness I actually laughed so hard at the bloopers. It sounds like you guys had so much fun making this! :) I certainly LOVED listening to it.
Simply wonderful!

j9276 said...

Hahaha the end is so funny!

Josiah Coates said...

now I see why I didn't do the part of the young man after you heard my first attempt! lol I enjoyed it. very good production. I loved the end!

and I love the bloopers music. I also know who it is playing.....Sungha Jung. I have seen the video of him playing it. such a talented guitarist.

great job on this!

Caleb said...

Very good job, Renae! You did excellent for this being the first time you really were in charge of everything yourself. Your adaptation was good (not too much narration), and you showed some creativity with the credits which was cool. I give you 5 out of 5 stars. :)