Wednesday, October 12, 2011

iTunes Store

As of today, CTD Productions is now on iTunes!  This means that people will be able to search in the iTunes store and be able to find our audio dramas.  So if you have iTunes on your computer or iPhone-iPod-iPad you should be able to subscribe to our "podcast" and get each new episode as its released.  Not all of our current audio dramas are on there yet, but they should be within a day or so.

Visit our iTunes page by CLICKING HERE.

Or you can visit our iTunes RSS Feed and download the audio dramas through your internet browser by CLICKING HERE.  And all of our currently released productions are available at the RSS Feed as opposed to the iTunes page at the moment.

Also, if you download our productions from the iTunes store (or RSS) certain productions are longer than they are if you download directly from our blog.  For example, "Winnie-the-Pooh" has about 20 minutes of deleted material that is available only on iTunes.  So check it out!

And as far as when new audio dramas are going to be released, you can check out our "Monthly News" page (which has finally updated) or our "Coming Soon" page (formerly "Upcoming Shows").  But our goal is to have at least four new audio dramas released before the end of the year.  One of which is our annual Christmas special, which this year is called: "CHRISTMAS OUT-OF-FOCUS".  It will be released Dec. 17th.

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Alisah said...

This is awesome! Love it. I subscribed a minute ago. :) I'm also really looking forward to the Christmas special! Can't wait to hear it. :)